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Friday, July 24 – San Francisco, Tokyo, and Bangkok
July 24, 2009, 1:42 pm
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Greetings all! Konnichi wa and sus s’dey!

The last couple of days have been this massive blur of missing sleep, drinking coffee, passing out and waking up in airplanes and infinite changing of planes. It all started off when I left Cleveland-Hopkins on Tuesday and started this whole thing off. I got to the airport at like 4:30 in the morning after not sleeping and finally got my stuff organized. 5 minutes into the first plane ride to Chicago I fell asleep and woke up as we were landing. It was not too bad, especially because there was this ridiculously lame dude a few seats behind me who was clearly trying to impress this girl by talking about all these places he’s been to and all the daring things he’s done (like “flying off his roof”). What a knob.

Anyways, so then I’m in Chicago, and I’m pretty much all business. A bagel and a coffee later, I’m waiting at the gate, playing Solitaire. Eventually I get on and it was maybe the most boring flight of them all, mostly because I was by myself and it was fairly lengthy. Bleh. So I get to San Francisco, and catch a taxi with this Yugoslavian guy who’s got the craziest accept you’ve ever heard. It was like a supervillain from Russia mixed with Borat. The best part was that he actually said “VERY NICE” a couple of times to describe things. He was also the most straightforward person I had ever talked to. He didn’t give two cares about political correctness, it was like “”dis is where da gays live. It is not bad place. That is South Market. It is poor place. Do not go there.” Mostly he didn’t talk, but I savored the times he did. Lulz. Anyways, so I eventually get to my hotel, the Kabuki Hotel, and it was decent, but not as extravagant as I thought it would be. Also, as it turns out there’s barely any Japanese people in Japantown. It says “Nihon machi” (Japan-town) like everywhere, but every place I went to and started speaking to them in Japanese they were like “…I have no idea what you’re saying.” Lame, but hey, whatever.

So I meet my roommate, a guy named Terry- pretty cool dude. He’s from Wisconsin, so we’ve got this midwest bond thing going on. Anyways, I meet everyone in my Peace Corps group and I really need to write a separate post just talking about all the characters from there. Interesting people, but I’ll talk about it next time.

After Frisco, we go to Tokyo and the flight takes forever. I slept for a few hours AND watched all of Benjamin Button AND played like 40 games of Solitaire. Then there was still like 3 hours left. The point is the flight was long. When we got on the ground though, wow. I had that wonderful feeling whenever I think of Japan. It was a really cool 2 hours. I talked to a bunch of Japanese people and even cracked jokes with them in Japanese, I exchanged some cash and got some Japanese food/drinks and even called a friend of mine back at Chubu. Good stuff, but it was over way too quick and we were on our way to Bangkok.

Truthfully, I expected Thailand to be decent but nothing special. Now, granted, I was just at the airport and in the airport hotel but wow, it was really amazing. All the Thai people were really nice and the hotel was phenomenal. I really wish I had my camera on me because it was good by American standards. Really good stuff. Again, it was over way too quick and we all got up after 4 hours of sleep and went back to the airport.

The next morning (this morning) was kind of a bitch, because the Thai travel agency overbooked or something, so we had to leave like 9 of our 46 members in Thailand waiting for another flight while the rest of us went on ahead to Cambodia. Cambodia is another story in itself, and I’m totally beat after infinite days of doing stuff with little sleep, so I’m going to head to sleep and I’ll write about the other volunteers and Phnom Penh in the next post.



Tuesday, July 21, 2009 – Pre-Cambodia Time
July 21, 2009, 5:43 am
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Dear All,

It’s currently 1:35 A.M., and I’m setting up all sorts of things and wrapping up all sorts of things before I begin my journey with a 6:05 A.M. flight to Chicago. From Chicago, it’ll be San Francisco for a night, then Tokyo for an unknown amount of time (hopefully a few hours), then a night in Bangkok (and the world is my oyster) and then finally Phnom Penh. I still have to pack my bags, so this post won’t be too terribly long. Maybe. 

The last couple of days have been surreal. I’ve really been seeing the kindness, generosity, and love of a lot of people who are close to me. Without a doubt, I wish I could have spent time with people I couldn’t see and I wish I could have spent more time with the people I did see. There’s something really amazing about having a feeling of warmth and security waiting for me when I get back in a year or two. It’s going to be a wild ride, especially the next couple of days while I start this whole thing off. My prediction is a whacked-out sleep pattern and lots of coffee/picture taking. We’ll see. In any case, I’m leaving for Cleveland-Hopkins in an hour and 20 minutes, so I need to get this stuff taken care of. I’ll try to update whenever I get some internet over there, and hopefully my updates won’t be too boring. ^_^ Here’s hoping. Thanks again to all the wonderful people I’m leaving behind and thank you for making America what it is to me – my home. =) Peace. 


Hello world!
July 21, 2009, 5:33 am
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